Dear partners

You have played an important role in the growth and successful development of Supor. We hope that in the long-term cooperation with Supor's business units, you will effectively comply with national laws and regulations, uphold Supor's values, and implement the company's requirements and regulations, including but not limited to maintaining independence, avoiding conflicts of interest, being fair and transparent, and not participating in any bribery of accepting, soliciting and offering.


If any Supor employee takes advantage of his/her position to commit various violations, please contact the Company (Audit Department) through the following confidential e-mail or mailing address. We advocate for signature (real name) and accurate information (including but not limited to time, location, people, events, documents, pictures, videos, etc.). The company (Audit Department) will keep the personal information and materials you provide strictly confidential and promptly respond.


Email: (Non-product and service complaints)

Mailing address: Special Post Office Box 5201, Hangzhou City