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All information, documents, products, services, trademarks, logos, graphics and pictures (hereinafter referred to as "materials") on this website are copyrighted or registered trademarks. They are the property of Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Supor"). None of these materials shall be duplicated, distributed, revised, republished, disclosed or transmitted in any form without permission of Supor. The materials shall include all characters, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, pictures, logos, marks, voices, musics and art designs on this website.

Any failure in observing the clauses, terms and disclaimer on this website will lead to automatic termination of all rights granted to users without prior notifications; and users shall immediately destroy all duplicates they have owned downloaded from this website, otherwise they are liable for legal responsibilities. Supor does not grant you any rights or permissions, express or implied, about any patent, trademark, copyright or other exclusive rights or intellectual properties. You are not allowed to mirror any information of this website in any other web site or media.


The services and materials hereof are provided only to Supor customers for the purpose of their convenience. Supor does not grant any permission or ownership of these services or materials to any user. Supor does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the services and materials, or other items included in this server or other servers. Therefore, users shall not rely on the services and materials provided here to buy, sell, trade or transact any value securities, unless suggested doing so by Supor in written form. It shall be noted that the information provided here does not necessarily satisfy the information disclosure requirements of different state regulatory administrations (including but not limited to China Securities Regulatory Commission). Please don't make any investment solutions based on the services and materials provided here.

Users shall understand that the services and materials are provided by Supor, and Supor does not make any warranties or promises (either directly or indirectly) of the commodity nature or the appropriateness for any special purpose in connection with the services and materials.

Limit of Liability

Under any circumstances, for any consequential compensation for damages in any form, direct, indirect, collateral, special or disciplinary, caused by or associated with this website or using this site, or using any other website or resources linked to or referred to this website, or visited from this website, or using, downloading or visiting any materials, information or products, including but not limited to any loss of profit, commercial interruption, loss of savable amount or loss of program or other data, Supor is not liable for any party, even if it has been clearly informed of the possible existing of such damages. Such exclusion and waiver of liabilities are applicable to any cause, either based on contract, warranty,civil infringement activities or any other legal theories.

Additional or different clauses, conditions or statements may be applicable to specific data, information, products, software and services provided from this website. In case of any conflict with the "Terms of Service", such additional or different clauses, conditions or statements shall prevail. Please refer to the corresponding agreement or statement.


In case users violate the terms of this website, Supor reserves the right to discontinue their service without prior notification or explanation. Supor will advise users to terminate misconducts and take correct actions. However, if Supor believes an user's violation is unbearable, it will directly terminate his service on this website.

Supor or its authorized representative may improve or revise the services and prices stated in this website. If a revision is made without prior notification and with users' further agreements, Supor may revise the terms of service at any time in the form of posting. If users continue to use this website after such revisions, they shall be considered to agree to the revised terms of service.Any behavior related to the terms of this website shall be governed by existing Chinese law.