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Groupe SEB - World Leader in Small Domestic Appliances and Cookware Industry

Groupe SEB, Supor’s controlling shareholder, founded in 1857, has more than 150 years history. 200 million products are sold every year in more than 150 countries.

29 industrial sites worldwide

23 Brandsmore than hundreds of new products launched every year

Nearly 30,000 employees worldwide

10 product/categories ranked No. 1 in sales worldwide: Cookware, pressure cookers, steam irons and steam ironing machine, electric kettles, steam cookers, food processors, toasters, electric deep fryers, bread makers, indoor grill.


SUPOR -- Leader in the Cookware and Electric Kitchen Appliance Industries in China 

We Lead through Superb Quality and Drive the Industry through Innovation

SUPOR has become the undoubtedly leader in China’s cookware industry, No.2 in cookware manufacturers worldwide; and it is also a leading brand in China’s small domestic appliances market. SUPOR is the first company in cookware industry which went public on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock code 002032)

5 R&D and Manufacturing Sites in Hangzhou, Wuhan, Shaoxing, Yuhuan, and Vietnam

Have drawn up 84 state and industry standards for cookware and SDA industries

3016 patents till March 2017

More than 10,000 employees

100,000,000 pieces of Annual Capacity

Complete Distribution Channels – Convenient and Easy Access for Consumers to Have SUPOR Products

 Every second, 3 SUPOR products are being sold;

■ Every second, 3 SUPOR products are being sold;

■ In mainland China, SUPOR has about 40,000 points of sales, covering almost 100% of cities above and including county level.

■ Globally, SUPOR products are being sold through Groupe SEB’s network to more than 50 countries and regions, including Japan, Europe and South East Asia.

■ Online, SUPOR has set deep footprints in all mainstream channels, and has become the strategic partners of Tmall, JD.com, yhd.com, and Suning.com.

■ Starting from 2013, e-channel has become a major platform for SUPOR to release new profucts

Constant innovation To allow consumers to get better products

Innovation is in the gene of SUPOR. We will continue to offer products with ingenuity.  At the end of 2015, the launch of Steam Spheric IH Rice Cooker upgraded the previous “firewood cooking” by adding steam, which makes rice even tastier.  “Want to have steamed firewood rice? SUPOR Steam Spheric Rice Cooker”. This new product driven the market to steam revolution and became the most popular rice cooker in the Chinese market.

In 2016, SUPOR has 5 products winning the “Red Dot Design Awards”, which is considered as the “Design Oscar”. These 5 products include TSP titanium Pro Wok, Thermos of Crystal Rhyme Series, and Knives of Sharp Series.  Our design concept of ingenuity and user-friendly is highly recognized

10 years of philanthropy, Work with love, Seed the future

■ 10 years of implementing SUPOR Primary School project to support rural education in China's remote areas

  20 Supor Schools in 11 provinces: Qinghai, Hubei, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Henan, Shanxi, Gansu…

  Investment of about 22MRMB, more than 10,000 children are benefited

■  We not only build up new buildings, libraries, canteens and other facilities, but also at the same time continue to carry out trainings for teachers at Supor Schools, motivate excellent teachers, and send volunteers to Supor Schools.  Supor employees are also actively involved in support of this project.

■  In 2015, SUPOR Primary School Project won the award of “ Outstanding Chinese Company for Social Responsibilities” from “Philanthropy Times”