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Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams


The Intense Pure Air purifier has been singled out for a special “Health and Environment” mention in the 'Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams* competition. "The jury was completely won over by our appliance and wanted to honor us," announced Jean-Christophe Simon, Groupe SEB Vice-President, Research. 

The competition organized by the France-China Committee in partnership with the French employers’ confederation Medef, is intended to reward innovative projects in which the dual culture of the teams played a decisive role. It was held on December 4 during the COP21 and focused on the environment and climate change. 


Intense Pure Air was competing for the “Climate Solutions Innovative Product Award” which honors patented products which are already on the market and which have made a significant impact in terms of combatting climate change.

"This award recognizes the quality of our project," points out International Product Manager Nadine Vidal. "It highlights the innovative nature of the project carried out as part of an open innovation initiative with the Ethera startup, the collaboration between the BU teams and Ethera in France and Supor in China as well as its importance at a time when pollution is spiraling and related health problems are on the rise." 

Jean-Christophe Simon presented the project and was on stage to receive the award together with Frédéric Hammel from Ethera and Nadine Vidal. 

Photo copyright: Sébastien NIESS