Removable an Washable Steam Passage

Super Delicious Even Without MSG

"Fresh Breath" Cooking Technique Brings Three Upgrades

In the Breathing Rhythms, Food's Flavours are Fully Aroused, and Thus Saving Your MSG.

  • + 0 %

    Upgraded Flavour Amino Acid

    No MSG

  • + 0 %

    Upgraded Seasoning Absorption

    Less salt, More Tasty

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    Upgraded Speed with IH Quick Firepower

    Less Waiting Time

Special "Fresh Breath" Cooking Technique

IH Quick Firepower

Speed Upgrade 45%

IH Means Electromagnetic Induction Heating. It is a New Kind of Heating with Magnetic Lines Penetrating Through Inner Pot and Heating Up it. Compared with Traditional Heating Plate, IH is Advantaged by Larger Heating Surface and Faster Speed.

8-G Precision Control Heating System

Quick Temperature Sensing; Precise Pressure Control

  • 2014 8-G

    Precision control probe
    Double Insurance of Taste and Safety

  • 2011 7-G

    Patented intelligence
    Temperature and Pressure Measuring by Probe

  • 2011 6-G

    Compound Temperature and Pressure Measuring

  • 2010 5-G

    Wired Intelligence on Top
    Temperature and Pressure Measuring by Probe

  • 2006 4-G

    Wired Intelligence on Top
    Temperature and Pressure Measuring by Probe

  • 2004 3-G

    Mechanical top
    Three-phase Pressure Control

  • 2002 2-G

    Mechanical bottom
    Temperature and Pressure Measuring

  • 2001 1-G

    Mechanical bottom
    Temperature and Pressure Measuring

Fresh Breath Cooking Curve

Each Food Material Contains Its Special Flavor. It Depends on How You Arouse the Source Flavors During Cooking.
On the Cooking Curve, the Tnnovative Cooking Trilogy Controls the Pressure and Temperature in Three Sections.
Food Material Keeps Breathing During Cooking, and Releases All flavors Contained.

Cooking curve Fresh & Tasty

Innovative Pot Design
7-Layer Energy-Gathering Thick Ceramic Crystal Pot

First Use of Ceramic Crystal in Stainless Steel Pot. Far Infrared of Ceramic Crystal Quick Penetrates into Food Material, Evenly Heating and Preserving More Nutritions.

Geometric Menu

Menu Selection Depends on Three "Dimensions": Food Material, Cooking Style and Cooking Pressure.
Geometric Menu Satisfies Your "Private Custom" Requirements.

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